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Angry Birds Apk Game Version v2.4.6 For Android

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Angry Birds Apk Game For Android

Angry Birds Apk  When a little iPhone game called Angry Birds released late last year, nobody predicted what a massive success it would become. They won the competition, and at the end of 2003, officially started making games together.

Angry Birds Apk

I actually joined the company twice, the first time in early 2004 back when it was only the three founders. I came in to take care of the business side of things. In 2005 we were the recipient of a small investment, and after that we expanded quite fast to about 25 people.

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this is the actual game we had a number of proposals coming from the team, and one of them was just this screenshot. Many of the proposals that we got were really well thought out, and then we had this one screenshot of this angry bird character just trudging around on the ground. Everybody in the room really liked the bird characters.

Angry Birds Apk

Aside from the iconic angry bird characters, what inspired the gameplay itself?

The inspiration probably came from other games — Angry Birds definitely has a mixture of games in it. The most important part inspiration-wise for us were the characters. We started development in March 2009. There were a lot of people in the project throughout development.

Angry Birds will be out for several platforms, including the PlayStation Network as a downloadable PlayStation Mini release. Traditionally our focus is on smartphones, but we’re looking at covering far more than just that with the game. So no, you won’t see a new game very soon because updating Angry Birds is the focus. We are working on a new IP, but it’ll be a while before we’re ready to reveal it.


Angry Birds Apk

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