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Clean Master Apk Update Version 5.17.6 for Mod+Apk

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Clean Master Apk Update Version

Clean Master Apk Clean Master once installed creates 2 shortcuts on your homepage / menu. First the main app itself and Secondly a 1-touch optimizer. The apk file is roughly 13-14 MB in size hence after unpacking it tends to occupy around 35-50 MB of space on your primary memory. Keep in mind this app can move other apps to SD card from internal storage but insists on staying on Internal memory itself, a problem that can affect performance in certain devices with limited internal storage.Clean Master Apk

  1. Phone Boost
  2. Antivirus
  3. App manager
  4. Junk files

Junk Files: Starting with Junk Files, the app quickly analyses your internal and external storage and identifies all junk, cache files, temporary files, AD related junk etc and provides you of an estimate of the amount of space you can save by deleting the said files. On exploring further the user gets more options to clean JUST the internal memory or the external memory.

Phone Boost: The fabled Task Killer is the USP of the app. It is this feature that prompts users to try the same. However, you might be disappointed to know that this is in-fact the most bogus feature of this app. As we know the RAM / Cache memory of a device is faster than regular storage memory. In devices that run Android, the RAM is deliberately occupied by frequently used Apps to ensure fast response and better performance.Clean Master ApkAntivirus: The antivirus and anti-spyware feature of the app has a debatable impact. Clean Master may claim to have blocked off viruses or protected your privacy by deleting browsing history.

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pp Manager: Arguably the best and the most useful feature of Clean Master. As we are aware the stock android app manager is not very user friendly nor does it provide many options to the user. The same however is not true for Clean Master’s manager. This clever little feature has all that one can expect form a well thought out app manager.Clean Master ApkFEATURES:

Moving on to the auxiliary features of the app. They are summarized as follows :

  1. Floating widget
  2. 1-tap boost Homescreen icon
  3. Game Boost folder
  4. Applock

The floating widget is a customizable and easily accessible shortcut menu that the user can activate from the settings menu. This nifty little tool primarily displays the RAM usage in % and when dragged to the bottom of the screen kills background tasks to clean the cache and speed up the device.

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